To The Brahmaputra | Poem

Written By Dipen Bezbaruah


In the moments of seclusion when I walk along the street,

Or recline in my closet, or sit in the garden bench

I hear a gentle voice – sober, strange, majestic and deep!

The voice busy in hide and seek with the evening breeze

And my mind immediately flies and sinks in the vastness

A vastness of eternal beauty and power bestowed upon you.


O mighty Brahmaputra- The son of Lord Brahma!

In you I find a language of the heart – a philosophy of life

For you flow without caring all the odds in your course.

Hence often my mind flies to see you amidst afternoon glee

When the sun conspires to dip and delve into your bottom

And you rejoice by becoming yellow, purple and red,

When the herds of cranes return after a day long journey

And fly over you in triangular and semi-circular fashion,

When the evening breeze whistles and the reeds dance along

And you become youthful, the waves sway in rhythm.

Mountains, hills and hillocks – all are silent admirers.

Dull will be those souls who fail to be touched by your beauty.

So I come to you in my distress to repose my utmost faith.

(either physically or in the chariot of  my imagination)


O mighty Brahmaputra- The son of Lord Brahma!

The annihilator of weariness, seclusion and frustration,

I fall upon the thorns of life and I bleed

I am deeply pained because of friend’s betrayal

At rejection of the good and honor to the sycophants…

It is a world where even the near and dear ones cherish

‘Ignore the virtuous, worship the powerful …’!

How often you have soothed me in such hours of seclusion!

How often you have taught me to embrace all odds in life,

Reminded me that life is a union of happiness and sorrows!

And hence I always consider you as a part of me- in heart’s core.

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