The Temptation of Karna

Expected questions prepared by D. Bezbaruah

  • Write a note on Karna’s birth and parentage. 4
  • How does Krisna tempt Karna?   5
  • Why does Karna reject the proposal given by Lord Krisna to change his loyalty?   5
  • Why is Karna loyal to Duryodhana?  3
  • Why did Kunti abandon Karna? Who looked after Karna after the abandonment? 4
  • “Neither death nor capture, neither fear nor greed can make me break my promise to the sagacious Dhrātarastrā”. Who said this and to whom?. Explain the sentence.    5
  • What is Karna’s prediction about the war? 2
  • Why does Karna forbid Krisna to disclose his birth mystery to the Pārtha?       10
  • Whom does Karna address as the enemy- tamer?  1
  • Why did Karna insult the Pandavas according to him?2
  • Draw a character sketch of Karna from your reading of “The Temptation of Karna”. 10
  • “In the Dhritarstra armies there is no sound of drums, but the drums of the Pandavas.” Who said this. Explain the meaning of this comment.5
  • “When the destruction of all creatures is at hand, bad policy disguised as good does not stir from the heart, my friend.” Who said this and to whom? Explain the underlying meaning. 4
  • ” If the Pandavas, Cedis, Panchalas, and the Yadavas together fight the Bharatas, what could be worse than that? I do see that there is evil in war” Who is the speaker here? 1
  • Where does Kunti meet Karna? What is her purpose of meeting him?  Is she successful in convincing Karna?1+2+1= 4
  • How does Kunti try to convince Karna to refrain from participating in the war against the Pandavas and how does he answer? 5+5=10

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