Summary of the ailing planet

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Question Bank               Prepared by Dr. D. Bezbaruah

  • Where was The Ailing Planet…. first published?
  • What is the main issue mentioned in the article?
  • Write a brief note on Green Revolution.
  • What do you understand by: 1.   mechanistic view  2. holistic and ecological view   3. sustainable development    4. ignonimous darkness  5. catastrophic depletion  6.  transcending concern
  • Where are the words “The world’s most dangerous animal” appear?
  • What is the new awareness that has dawned upon the most dangerous animal in the world?
  • Which is the most dangerous animal?
  • Who is the first Indian  to become member of the Brandt Commission?
  • Which question was raised in Brandt Commission report?
  • Who is the author of global economic prospect?
  • Which are the four biological systems as mentioned in the book “The Global Prospect”?
  • What did Dr. Myers say about the tropical forests?
  • How did the world bank estimate in 2000 for the increase of forest planting?
  • What is written in article 48A of the Indian Constitution?

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